je ma’ppelle francois

i’ve been a horrible blogger, but i just want to let you know that misoshiru has now moved to je m’appelle francois.  this way, it’s more uniform to the rest of my sites: tumblr, twitter.  also, for pictures, please refer to my tumblr.  je m’appelle francois will mostly consist of the musings of a recent postgrad just blogging about life and the process of applying to law school and finding new jobs.

thank you all.


Perhaps it is in the cities where we feel most alone.  Thank god for friends.

I know I’m absolutely horrible at this whole blogging thing.  I just stay interested in something for too long.  Too much to do, too much to see.  Trying to live life to its fullest in my last few weeks of uni.  Already so nostalgic, so sentimental.  Please don’t make me cry.  I hate feelings.

Anyhow, after seeing a photo on Jak & Jil of a red monochromatic outfit, I was thinking, does monochromaticism give off a romantic air or not?  Or do people just end up looking like an oversized lego?  I’ve found a few photos, but I still cannot decide.

I think Liu Wen looks stunning in L'Officiel, but of course, we can't all look like her. D:

from The Sartorialist.

from Garance Dore

On the streets and in editorials.  It can be a little bland at times, but at other times, it’s just right.

The bloggers from fashionista certainly think so.  They have rounded up a list of the best shoes from the AW 10 runways.  I’ve included the list below.  Now what do you think?

All images are also from the fashionista as I was unable to find details for some of the shoes.

Perhaps I’ll make a list of what I think are the best shoes from AW 10 some other time.  If not the best shoes, then definitely the most memorable shoes.

Tilda Swinton

What a lush.  Here are pictures of Tilda Swinton from the SS 09 issue of AnOther Magazine.

A far fall from Atelier Versace’s Spring 2009 collection with Georgina Stojiljkovic.  Here are my favourites from the Spring 2010 lookbook with Kasia Struss.

To see the entire collection, please go here.

Clemence, Tao and Freja

How is it already Friday?  My spring break is almost over.  Where did all those days go?  Spent by staying inside the first few days sleeping and watching telly on my computer, then watching all 3 of the lord of the rings movies on different days.  It’s almost time to get back to work.

But before I do that, I would like to present to you a few photos of Clemence Poesy, Tao Okamoto and Freja Beha.